11. August 2021 0 By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

Senatus Populusque Romanus

Where shall we stay? Nowhere! We drive back and forth, and all over. We find out for ourselves: beach, sea and hot, only when we are alone. And that’s going to be difficult. Mountains, forests, lakes and cool, that’s exactly our thing. So we land on Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar in beautiful Bosnia Herzegovina.

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What strikes us when driving through the beautiful areas is the fabulous scent that is everywhere in the air. Sometimes thyme, cedar, lavender and always a sweet scent. I just can’t figure out what it is. What the sheep are in the north, are the dogs and cows lying around on the streets and paths here. Even a turtle paces relaxed across the street. Many small encounters that also make this trip special.

As many of you know, the basket on Max in the back is for our rubbish. We don’t leave anything behind. People here, on the other hand, see their country as their personal trash can. No matter what country we are in, no matter where we stop, garbage and rubbish everywhere. We often stop to take pictures and we are surrounded by rubbish. What a shame, former Yugoslavia.

In Dubrovnik and Split we give in to our principles and go into town late in the day if recommended. Everything went well in Dubrovnik. Only in Split was Petra arrested and I had to fight her free.

After I had defeated both of them with a well-deserved contribution, everyone was happy again.