All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you!

All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you!

22. October 2022 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

We are traveling through the National Parks toward Texas. We are really impressed with the southeastern states of the USA. Another part of our planet we can enjoy, with open eyes and hearts. Where we meet traditions and history. Petra needs new shoes.

There is only one place in Austin Texas. A….. In my search for culinary originals of the land, we end up at Texas BBQ. Must experience! San Antonio which feels like Venice to us. Los Alamos makes us think.

New Orleans and Creole cuisine. The Gulf of Mexico also welcomes us with fantastic weather. We have been traveling in the sun for six months now. Our friends from Texas recommended it to us and we have not regretted it in any way. The southern states are it. The further we get towards the Atlantic, everything becomes more our liking.

Whisky Lynchburg, music Nashville, Merissa from the diner, the Smoky Mountains and the people we had the pleasure to meet from this travel enchant us.

At this point many thanks to:

Brandon, Adrian, Robin, Dave, Dave the troublemaker, Chris & Nathalie, Peter, Andrej, Maddy Jeff and Family, Heidi, Max, Lindsay, Ron & Sharon, Robert & Yvonne, Pryanka & Family, Kim, Axel & Katarina, Axel Jr. & Christina, The unbelievable Jake & Zwiebelnden, Anna & Kasper, Jeremy, Isaiah, Jaroslav, Rudy, Coraly & Johann, Dean & Corey, Mandy, Schorsch & Family, Steve & Stephie with Sophie.

All the others who made our trip so memorable, also a special thank you. All of you together have your hearts in the right place.

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