26. September 2023 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

We have been waiting for this for a long time. Since we have already made several trips to the northern part of the African continent, we thought we knew a little bit about it.

Far from tourist roads, our journey takes us to the remote heights of the Reef and Atlas Mountains. On prehistoric caravan paths through gorges and passes Hildegard and Max take us further and further into paradisiacal nature and solitude. The simple and natural people wave to us at every encounter. Always laughing children ask for gifts or even better money. I hold the opinion that there is no performance without consideration. Yes I know, also this one of my principles, develops now and then a certain dynamic and flexibility.

When driving through small mountain villages, Hildegard and Max are always the attraction. Then when these strange creatures stop, get out and shop at the local bakery, butcher and grocer, you feel like you’re in the weekly paper. For us it is a breathtaking experience. Only kind and absolutely helpful people.

Every now and then, when we descend to civilization, the hustle and bustle of the markets, medinas ( old towns ) in the cities makes us realize who the true free people are.

Here in the medina of Fez, too, all the craftsmen grumble about the cheap goods from the Far East.

In a former caravan Riad I bought me new slippers. My brought from home, I have again left somewhere.

The desert we explore off-road, is impossible to describe. Merciless and indescribably beautiful. Again, if you know what you’re doing, it’s all good.

But see for yourself.

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