Deadly sins and things not to be said

Deadly sins and things not to be said

11. December 2021 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

We spend the last part of our trip in the north of Spain. Here, too, our Lord God has done an excellent job. From the sea you can be at 1000 meters in a good hour. We drive through beautiful valleys on the way to the coast. We stayed near Leon at 1000 meters. Another fantastic sunrise enchants the surrounding, deep-frozen forests into a glittering sea of ice crystals. Max protects us from the cold like a caring fairy. This is how another dream day begins for us.

We have been traveling alone for many days now. Our two dear friends, Matteo and Carlotta, from Cinque Terre stayed on the coast at 20°. Bubbles, that’s the name of her car, has a massive heating problem, that is to say, a total failure. Minus 10° at night is not an option for the three of them. At our last dinner together we learned a lot about Italy. There are no noodles, only spaghetti or pasta, and that’s that. After the two invited us to spaghetti carbonara, I asked if I could… should cook. The weather changed suddenly and Matteo explained to me how to get out of this hurricane. Never, never, never, never say the N-word. There is pasta and spaghetti. Everything else ends in hell. When I understood this, the hurricane was over and we spent an amazing evening until 2am.

We cooked the spaghetti and almost committed another mortal sin. Never, never, never break spaghetti. As good students, we simply waited until the first part buckled in the small pot. Yeah… that’s okay. We talked about our great vehicles. When he found out that I also have an oven on board, we were in no time at pizza. Carlotta asked Petra what’s your favorite pizza? Hawaii! “Mama Mia, pineapple su una pizza: Terribile! After the third deadly sin we decided to play UNO-FLIP©.

A brilliant game.

The plateau in the north of Spain is very beautiful. We drive the eternally long and straight roads east and the setting sun bathes the snow and ice capped peaks of the 2000s in an orange-red glow. It is really unbelievable what we are allowed to experience. Petra and I are starting to know what happiness means. It’s not tangible. But you recognize it immediately when it hits you. This happens to us every day, and it always looks different.

We wish everyone happy holidays.