The raccoon, his princess and the reunion.

The raccoon, his princess and the reunion.

20. July 2022 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

Yes we know. It has been a long time. Canada is a modern country. Even on the country side 4G The hack is, you are remote, then in the bush and off the grid. Canada is so big that there is always another increase in “unreachable”. From Halifax to Vancouver Island we had now traveled 16,000 km.

The west coast of Canada in the south is a completely new experience for us. A lake has a length of 100-150 km. Surrounded by hot springs, one is reminded that the mountains through which one has been driving for days are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. We are sitting on volcanoes. So the jungle and the rainforest must not be missing. The lush vegetation on the ground is so dense that there really is no getting through. The strongest then prevail at the top. Gigantic cedars, among which one feels like a dwarf.

Where is Petra?

As it gets very hot with under, I am very happy to jump into the lakes here. The clarity of the water is impressive. I also know this from my birthplace in Upper Bavaria. That brings us to the Whistler area. Life has brought a friend from Reit im Winkl, my birthplace, to Whistler. We met again after 50 years. It’s really, excuse the expression, cool to see your childhood buddies again after so many years, on the other side of the world, talking Bavarian.

Best Buddies

Vancouver Island! Belongs to Canada, but you feel like you are in another country. Stunning topography and nature. In our opinion, the places Victoria, Tofino, Ucluelet, Port Hardy etc. are definitely the highlights for many tourists, but for us two travelers it is the interior of the island. The mountains that you can discover carefully driving on forest roads, the animals, the forests that were the backdrop for so many cinematic star moments, are our highlights. Here, too, lakes and rivers that invite you to spend the night. Princess and I alone, like Adam and Eve in paradise, great! Petra the princess and I the raccoon. Yes, yes, my washboard belly is becoming more and more like a bun belly.

The raccoon

Al Capone told us at Thunder Bay that we should visit his flight instructor in Port Alberni. That’s what we did! Without further ado, I put my sweetie on a plane and let her explore the island from above. What can I say, that grin after landing has lasted for a very long time.