Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean

13. August 2022 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

It’s Turtletime, going slowly and carrie the house in the back.

That’s the motto of Ken Clark and Fran from Arizona. They have been traveling for a month now.

Unlike us, they have sold their belongings and now live on the street in a 20 foot trailer.

The south of Canada has already amazed us. We thought that the vastness of Africa is already gigantic. The north of Canada, however, doubles the dimensions again.

Those of you who are chosen to travel to this country will only then understand the dimensions we are talking about. Imagine you are standing on the Rietburg and see the skyline of Frankfurt. In between, no towns or roads, no, just breathtaking nature and wilderness. On one day, after eight hours of driving on dirt roads, we encountered a whole seven cars. We drove past forest fires that just wiped out the Vorderpfalz. We drove three hours to report it to the nearest RCMP ( Royal Canadian Mounten Police ). Most places can only be reached by airplanes. The bush pilots here are absolutely vital. Whoever comes here has to know what he is doing. At the beginning of the Dempster Highway there is a huge sign saying: From here on there is no rescue service or medical support. The destination of our day trip is 375 km to the north, Eagle Plains, we need 9:57 h. The final destination at the Arctic Ocean, 880 km away.

Here, every little thing becomes pure luxury. What one has not considered, one apparently does not need, here in the wilderness. Compared to some other contemporaries, we are real wimps. They are here with the bicycle on the way. Mateo has decided, after walking through Europe, to walk from Deadhorse, which is at the top of the Arctic Ocean, to Brazil. Hats off to these special people.

It is really hard to grasp, between Munich and Karlsruhe there is nothing, no house, no village, no neighbors….only nature.

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