29. November 2021 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

The trip goes on.

First of all, we are in Spain, Valencia. For everyone who thinks we are in Australia.

We have more and more the problem of processing the many impressions. Spain, as we are allowed to get to know it, is amazing. Here, too, we only meet lovely people. We stop at a reservoir. Ananda promptly invites us to take a dive in the reservoir. I showed him my pictures from the dives in Iceland. He very much regrets that he rarely goes into the sea. He is a firefighter and has little time for private dives. He runs a small but his diving school.

From Bardenas Reales we move back to the sea via Madrid and Valencia. As you can imagine, the bathing season is not over yet, at least for me. Our goal further south, Sierra Nevada.

Via Alicante, Cartagena, Almeria, we drive to Granada. I would like to continue our last off-road adventure in Bardenas Reales here. “So nuff uff de Buggl”. “2750 metros Hola” I open the door and close it again! 3 ° and storm. Ahhhh shit … too cold. Quickly a few pictures and again .. “Nuna de Buggl”. It is not worth it to us to spend the night in the Sierra in this weather situation. During the whole trip we become more and more aware of how high Spain is. We usually move between 600 and 1000 meters.

We’re going to Malaga, another beautiful city. Pleasant 22 ° pamper us. After we drive back inland, my first navigational officer will definitely go to Ronda. “What for heaven’s sake is in Ronda?” I ask. I don’t know, but we’re going there now. I’m getting scared of my officer. I believe she is a higher being. Ronda is amazing. A really nice place on a mountain. Well-kept, great sight and at the “Plaza de Toros” there is a great restaurant with excellent cuisine. Jerez, definitely go out to eat there. Preferably according to Spanish custom. For breakfast a coffee with a biscuit. Lunch is eaten from half past one. Dinner with the family is around nine. “I like”.