Land of the Mohicans, Sioux and Assiniboin

Land of the Mohicans, Sioux and Assiniboin

3. June 2022 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

Here we are in the third time zone of Canada.

Even after a month Canada overwhelms us with everything. It’s like a never ending stream. We are very welcome everywhere. We are totally at odds. Our expectation of getting to know other cultures, people and ways of life on the trip is met to an unknown extent.

We are held tight and stopped, so that we continue to travel at a snail’s pace. Everyone invites us. We’re cozying up with new friends by the fire, before we even have our first drink, does anyone think we really need to meet their mate or girlfriend.

The mechanic from Guelph sent us to his son. As soon as we arrive, he calls his buddies to the BBQ. That same evening we find ourselves in his “condo” and realize that he won’t let us move on in less than a few days. While in Thunder Bay, another fabulous area, let’s call him “Al Capone” decides that Indiana Jones, as he calls me, needs to go kayaking, hike Eagle Canyon and meet a real gold digger . So he organizes a meeting with the gold digger’s daughter. Of course, F…. alias Hugh Hefner should not be missing. After another superb BBQ, in the middle of the woods of Thunder Bay on a mountain top at 4°, we find ourselves in a HOT TUB late at night.

Al Capone, Hugh Hefner and Indiana Jones drink whiskey, wine and puff on a cigar. Yeha!

Al Capone calls the gold digger, and the next day he just drives 800km to get to know us.

We’re in Birds Hill Park, resting from doing nothing. An hour later we enjoy Indian culture and food. After the gold digger has informed his buddy, there are some crazy Germans going to Winnipeg, we meet him in a German bakery in Winnipeg. The next morning, an Indian family spoils us with an Indian breakfast.

It’s really exceptional here. Canadians are great. These are the people and the way we are allowed to get to know them here. THANK YOU!

The entire time we drive through Native American territory. The names we learned as children and only know from books are live here. A very pleasant experience. We have already passed through the areas of the Sioux, Assiniboin and in the east of the Mohicans. Nature that is very difficult to describe. A bear honors us with a checking look over the bonnet, are you all buckled up? The deer accompany you curiously on the way to the Agawa rock paintings of the “First Nation”. The Superior Lake with its water from golden to emerald green. The many nature reserves that offer a gigantic, harmonious concert of the senses with the songs of the countless colorful birds and geese.

We’re blown away.