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Canada and the great people

First and foremost, kudos to Seabridge. Shipping a mobile home with you guys is easier than buying a bus ticket. THANK YOU.

Canada greets us with sun and very friendly people.

A very friendly Budget employee recommends the “Cabot Trail” to us, which we promptly visit.

The first night in Max on another continent, how exciting! We head north to the Nova Scotia coast. In a harbor we stay for the night. After a while, a pickup truck comes with a trailer full of lobster traps. Two guys start unloading them and I help them. After the work is done, one of them comes with a beer and invites us over. He’s a young lobster fisherman waiting for the government to open the fishing season.

Ten minutes later we are on his lobster boat and given a free round trip in the Gulf of Lawrence.

We are in Quebec. One of the eponymous cities of one of the provinces in Canada An extremely well-kept old town, which also applies to the port. ou feel like you’re on a film set that’s not being filmed. After an excellent time at La Bouch, „The Mouth“ fwe found ourselves three hours later in Old Quebec Port. Fuck la Mode is the theme. Phillip the owner of the shop and label is so enthusiastic about us that after we leave the store he tells his next customers about us.

Einige Tage später, wir schlendern durch Montreal, springt ein junger Man auf die Straße und ruft, „ …ihr wart vor ein paar Tagen in Quebec“. Petra und ich schauen uns fragend an. Er weiter, „ ihr wart bei Fuck la Mode und Phill hat uns von euch erzählt“. Er und seine Freundin sind aus der Gegend von Toronto. Die beiden haben uns prompt eingeladen und anschließend eine Stadtführung mit uns gemacht.

It’s really impressive how people in Canada react to Max. It doesn’t matter where we stop, after a moment or two someone stands at Max and is totally over the moon. Even at traffic lights, people come out onto the street and applaud. As we wait at a ferry, seven men and women stand behind Max and ask if they can take a look inside. When they see the inside, they are completely amazed.

Ontario is also a neat city. The government district in particular is exceptional. What is really annoying are the many traffic lights.

Canada is big, no, not the big, but the really big big. Of course, as a mechanic, I think of Max. o I was already thinking about the service in Germany. So it happened that we visited the EMT company on Highway 7 in Guelph. Jaroslaw used to work for the company G&S Roadster in Landau . Jaroslaw was as happy as a king that he had a visitor from his old homeland.

After Niagara Falls, we end up at 3-Brüder-Klassik-Rover. At EMT we found that the ringing on the left front was due to a torn rubber shock absorber. So we’re standing in front of the shop at 17 Gold Street. One by one, like ants, all the employees and bosses left the shop and guess… what? Yes, exactly, everyone is totally over the moon again. Max and our tour. We swap the shocks. Peter, his wife, Brian and Tyler court us like royalty. For starters, Tyler gives us two t-shirts. They offer us their car to go into town. Tell us where what is, etc.

It’s a dream shop. Old Land Rovers only. Heaven on earth for me!

We’ve been on the road for three weeks now. It’s time to do laundry again. We’ll be staying with David at Happy Hearts Camp in Tobermory.

Another Canadian with, shall we say, two hearts in the right place. We have an amazing time around the campfire with Mr. Troublemaker, also known as Dave, his wife Denise and Dave, The Boss”. As it turns out, they’re all divers. Mr. Troublemaker confesses that he would like to go diving in Iceland. When I say to him, “… I would go there AGAIN too… we talked until late at night. On the day of departure, THE BOSS came riding his lawn mower in the morning, thanked us for the great time and gave us a hoody from the dive center.

Es hat uns riesig gefreut. So ein toller Campground, nette Nachbarn und ein Lieber Mensch als Chef.

Thank you Happy Harts Campground, your name says it all.

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