Roll addiction

Roll addiction

28. February 2020 Off By Thomas Auer-Peckelsen

One of the inconveniences when traveling is that, even if you want to get to know other cultures and ways of life, you always miss a piece of home. One of the tastiest cultures in our beautiful Germany is that of the baker. If, like us, you have to do without our great breads and rolls for a longer period, it gets really hard. True to the motto: “What you don’t have, you don’t seem to need”. Since the level of suffering is very high for us, after a very short time, actually it was there immediately, we have learned to bake ourselves. On the road recipes.

Sunday rolls.

300g wheat flour.
185g lukewarm water
15g yeast
5-10g salt depending on taste


If you want, as described in the comments, please replace 30g of water with milk and add half a teaspoon of sugar to the liquid.

Dissolve the yeast in the water and stir everything together in a bowl. Warning, the part is quite a mess. Once you have freed your fingers from the dough, knead the resulting dough until smooth. Since this is the most tedious part, we always do it the night before. Ignore the covered dough until the next morning. Halve the dough three times and fold in the flattened parts from each side. again do not watch for 15 minutes. In the time you can take care of the heat, i.e. the oven. We opted for a Coleman, which gives a nice bottom heat and is gas-powered. Now form the dough pieces into beautiful rolls and cut them deeply, otherwise they will remain small when baking. We heat the oven to 180°C. Push the dough pieces into the lowest rail. Put a shot glass of water on the oven floor and don’t open it for 20 minutes. This is how it all looks like.

I will also present our bread. But that’s a new post. Have fun imitating.